KnightCrawler | ElfHosted


This is an ElfHosted instance of KnightCrawler, a fork of, which provides torrent streams from torrent providers' RSS feeds, and DebridMediaManager hashes.

The public instance ( is provided free for public use, and rate-limited appropriately for casual individual streaming use (not automation).

ElfHosted is an open-source PaaS built and run by geeks, which self-hosts your favorite streaming apps for you automatically and easily.

Hosted / private KnightCrawler instances with rate-limits appropriate for automation are available.

An internal, un-rate-limited instance is provided free, with all ElfHosted apps, for automation.

Why use ElfHosted Stremio addons?

✅ Highly-available, open-source infrastructure /
✅ Active contributors to r/StremioAddons subreddit and Discord
✅ Geek out over public performance metrics

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